The History of Scott Lamp

John J. Scott had a passion for collecting as well as restoring railroad lights and memorabilia; with that ambition, he founded Scott Lamp Company. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, the Scott family has grown and expanded their business.

By focusing on the principle of providing quality products and remaining consistent, Scott Lamp Company has adopted new technologies for manufacturing. The idea of innovative craftsmanship has stayed alive through the desire to provide quality products, but the means of producing constantly changes to fit modern day needs and technology.

Every product made is meticulously handled by each department to ensure the best possible quality. A product goes through design, production, then assembly, before getting sent to packaging. Once it is completed and has passed a quality assurance inspection, the packaging department sends the product out to the customer. Scott Lamp Company continues to grow because of the hard work and efforts put into every aspect of production. Everything made is perfected with extreme attention to detail and brilliant craftsmanship.